Just and Equitable Carbon Removal – Holly Jean Buck, Ph.D – Live Event!

Solid Carbon: Integrated Offshore DAC x Permanent Storage - Live Event! - Carbon Herald

Professor Holly Jean Buck is the guest our friends at This Is CDR have invited for this week.

The event is free and will be at 12:00pm ET (5pm GMT) and you can sign-up here.

She will be talking about her book called Ending Fossil Fuels: Why Net Zero Is Not Enough, as well as the importance of making carbon removal policy just and equitable.

Holly Jean Buck is a geographer and environmental social scientist studying rural futures, the politics of platforms, and how emerging technologies can address environmental challenges.

She works as an Assistant Professor of Environment and Sustainability at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York, and has a Ph.D. in Development Sociology from Cornell University.

She is also the author of After Geoengineering: Climate Tragedy, Repair, and Restoration.

You can watch the previous episode of This Is CDR below. In it which OpenAir’s very own Na’im Merchant and Chris Neidl talked about CO2 sequestration in concrete, and how direct air carbon capture (DACC) plus concrete represents a scalable CDR solution we can start deploying today.

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