Joro App Raises $10M To Lift Standards In Offsetting Emissions

Joro App Raises $10M To Lift Standards In Offsetting Emissions - Carbon Herald
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Joro App – the US-based carbon tracker, is on a mission to help people estimate and offset their carbon footprint in a secure and reliable way. The company founded in 2018 announced it raised $10 million in Series A funding round led by existing investors Sequoia Capital and Amasia. 

Other investors are Norrsken, Nest co-founder Matt Rogers’ Incite, Jay-Z’s Arrive, and Mike Einziger – the lead guitarist of Incubus. The new investment is expected to help the company build its team, and continue its shift from helping people track their footprints to helping them take action on what they learn.

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One of the areas of focus for Joro is to help its users build carbon intuition. As there are hundreds of spending categories, the app prioritizes the importance of understanding the relative impact of people’s daily choices. 

For example, a beef burger has about the same footprint as driving a gasoline-powered car for 30 minutes. Or instead of comparing the footprint of one brand of beef to another, Joro reveals the choice of chicken over beef is generally the one people should be more focused on.

The startup also highlights revealing the carbon footprint of people’s choices is not about shame or guilt but rather to gain fluency in making informed decisions. People can generally eat healthy, but splurge on a burger from time to time. A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to mean picking the lowest-carbon choice 100% of the time.

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According to Joro, empowering people’s choices is what can really influence society to drive change and solve the climate crisis. Finding the right carbon offsets is also critical. The company is making sure to evaluate the offered carbon offsets every few months to ensure they’re living up to its standards. In addition to the usual requirements – additionality, verifiability and permanence, the team also looks for “transformative potential.”

Raising standards and quality of information is one of the many ways the green economy can contribute to a better quality of living. Joro App aims to change the scene of difficulty in offsetting individual emissions and make it easier for people to live more sustainably by reducing their carbon footprint where they can and offset their unavoidable emissions with the highest quality of carbon offsets.

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