John Kerry Set For China Trip To Work On Reducing Carbon Emissions

John Kerry Set For China Trip To Work On Reducing Carbon Emissions - Carbon Herald
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Former secretary of state John F. Kerry has been at the forefront of the climate movement and has been spearheading US efforts to urge the global community to take action against climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon emissions in China are in his crosshairs now.

CO2 emissions have been found to be the key culprit in rising global temperatures, and the subject is gaining increasingly more traction as environmentalists and scientists around the world warn about the danger humankind is facing.

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Now, as US climate envoy, Kerry is expected to travel to China in September 2021 to continue these efforts and explore climate change as a grounds for collaboration between the two nations.

This visit is set to take place at a time when tensions between China and the US appear to only be intensifying and it would be the second of its nature for the former secretary of state.

The previous trip to China was four months ago and is scheduled only weeks before the United Nation’s Global Climate Summit. And he has made his hopes known that the summit will see even more countries commit to taking action against climate change.

During his first visit to China in April 2021, Kerry had helped secure commitments to cooperate with the US, as the two largest carbon polluters in the world, to take urgent action that would address climate change. And now this upcoming visit will reportedly aim to further build on those commitments.

China carbon emissions targets

Furthermore, part of Kerry’s achievements during his April trip was to help get both countries to agree on discussing concrete CO2 reduction targets. These would include not only carbon capture technology, but also energy storage and hydrogen.

According to the statement issued at the time, both sides also agreed to increase financing for developing countries to accelerate the transition to cleaner, low-carbon power sources.

However, this information has not yet received official comment from the State Department, as a spokeswoman declined to do so.

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