Japan’s SBI To Open A Carbon Credits Exchange

Japan's SBI To Open A Carbon Credits Exchange - Carbon Herald

Japan’s SBI Holdings announced it will be launching a new exchange for trading carbon credits that have been generated both in Japan and outside the country. 

The announcement comes shortly after a similar one made by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), both of which are a clear sign that Japan is making moves that will greatly advance decarbonization efforts.

The new exchange, which is expected to be launched in the autumn of 2023, will be operated by a joint venture with Tokyo-based company Asuene, specializing in measuring carbon dioxide emissions. 

Called Carbon EX, the joint venture established by SBI will be capitalized at 100 million yen ($717,500) and is set to have a designated website, where buyers and sellers will be able to transact carbon credits. 

By establishing an exchange for the trade of carbon credits, SBI hopes to minimize some of the issues involved with carbon credits, such as those revolving around price transparency.

So far, buyers have been forced to negotiate the price of carbon credits with brokers, which is something that trading on an exchange will resolve. 

Once up and running, companies and individuals will be able to buy and sell both public- (known as J-Credits that have been certified by the government) and private-sector credits on Carbon EX.

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