Japan Passes Carbon Capture Bill

Japan Passes Carbon Capture Bill - Carbon Herald
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On Friday the parliament of Japan passed a law establishing a permit system for business operators to facilitate the implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, which captures carbon dioxide from industrial emissions and stores it deep underground.

The newly enacted legislation aims to foster a favorable business environment for carbon capture in Japan and achieve the country’s targets of becoming net zero by 2050. The bill was approved and enacted following a majority vote in the House of Councilors plenary session.

The law mandates that the government will identify specific areas suitable for carbon dioxide storage and grant permits to businesses chosen through a public selection process.

Businesses granted these permits will receive “prospective drilling rights” to assess the geological suitability for CO2 storage, as well as “storage rights” to store the captured carbon dioxide.

Additionally, the law requires business operators to monitor for potential CO2 leaks and holds them accountable for compensation in case of accidents, regardless of intent or negligence.

Furthermore, during the plenary session on May 17th, a proposal was made to create a subsidy system to offset the cost differences between hydrogen and natural gas, aiming to promote hydrogen as a next-generation energy source. This proposal also passed with a majority vote and was enacted into law.

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