Japan Industry Ministry Proposes CO2 Storage Permission System

Japan To Accept Durable Carbon Removals In Its Emissions Trading Scheme - Carbon Herald

The industry ministry of Japan Tuesday proposed the creation of a permission system for drilling and storage operations in CO2 capture and storage, or CCS, projects to collect carbon dioxide and store it underground.

The ministry presented the proposal to require approval from the industry minister for such operations, at its meetings with subgroups of the Industrial Structure Council and the Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy.

The proposal also calls for requiring business operators to decide operation plans and making them liable for compensation of damage caused through their CCS projects.

The government aims to speed up the creation of the necessary legislative framework so as to allow CCS projects to get off the ground by 2030.

In the proposed system, the ministry would create storage rights allowing project operators in Japan to use CO2 storage areas without interference from third parties.

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