Italy’s Snam To Invest $12.5B By 2027 To Boost Gas Infrastructure With Carbon Capture Included

Italy's Snam To Invest $12.5B By 2027 To Boost Gas Infrastructure - Carbon Herald

Snam, the Italian gas network operator, has announced an increased investment of $12.5 billion (€11.5 billion) by 2027, a 15% boost from its prior business plan, to bolster infrastructure in support of the energy transition in Italy.

The new strategy, announced by Snam on Thursday, emphasizes the construction of a new pipeline, the finalization of liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure, and investments in energy transition initiatives such as a carbon capture and storage hub.

Additionally, the state-controlled company will contribute to the development of a European hydrogen network.

CEO Stefano Venier highlighted the commitment, stating, “We will invest 11.5 billion euros to develop an increasingly flexible infrastructure, thus supporting the carbon neutrality pathway for Italy.”

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Part of the investment will be directed towards the Adriatic Line, a new pipeline designed to enhance gas transportation capacity from southern Italy to the industrialized north and beyond, with hydrogen-readiness for potential inclusion in the SoutH2 network connecting Africa to northern Europe.

Collaborating with energy major Eni (BIT: ENI), Snam is actively involved in establishing a carbon capture and storage hub offshore Ravenna.

Importantly, the company has incorporated a commitment in its plan to achieve net-zero emissions across all fronts by 2050.

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