Italian Drink Companies Face CO2 Shortage

Italian Drinks Companies Face CO2 Shortage - Carbon Herald
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Drinks companies in Italy are facing a CO2 shortage for their cans and bottles as some of the gas companies have cut volumes in the face of increasing energy costs. Among the producers that have scaled back their operations are Norway-based Yara, which decreased its ammonia and urea output on its Italian plant in Ferrara, Italy. 

“Our suppliers have informed us they are struggling to find CO2 because the Ferrara plant operations are curtailed due to high energy costs,” said Alberto Bertone, CEO and chairman of Italian mineral water firm Acqua Sant’Anna.

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Turin-based Acqua Sant’Anna is the third largest mineral water producer in Italy. According to Bertone, the company has stopped part of its production because of decreasing carbon supplies, a problem that has been most evident in the past three weeks. 

“Sometimes we manage to intercept some (CO2) shipments around Europe, but the task is getting increasingly difficult as many industry peers are facing the same problem,” Acqua Sant’Anna’s CEO said. 

Sanpellegrino, which is part of Nestle, has also cut production due to lack of CO2, the company told Reuters. 

Britain also faced carbon shortages last fall when one of the country’s biggest fertilizer producers cut production. In addition to drinks, CO2 is also used in the meat sector. 

Assobibe, Italy’s soft drinks lobby, which features Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, said summer rise in demand for drinks is also contributing to the issue. 

Assobibe chairman Giangiacomo Pierini said “An increased number of beverage groups” have expressed concerns over the current situation, adding that it is unclear whether some beverages will not be available at supermarkets temporarily.

Pierini, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director at Coca-Cola HBC, said currently the company is not experiencing difficulties at its Italian CO2 production sites and its suppliers have confirmed deliveries. 

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