Isometric Unveils First Bio-oil Geological Storage Protocol For Carbon Removal

Isometric Announces A New Protocol For Direct Air Capture - Carbon Herald

Carbon removal standard and registry Isometric today published the world’s first full Protocol for bio-oil geological storage.

Bio-oil geological storage is a method for permanent carbon dioxide removal (CDR), which involves gathering waste biomass and turning it into a stable liquid that is rich in CO2 (bio-oil) and is pumped deep underground.

The process involves heating up materials, such as forestry trimmings and leftover corn stalks in a low-oxygen environment, where these materials are converted into bio-oil.

The resulting product can be injected into depleted oil and gas wells for permanent storage. 

Part of what makes this new Protocol so significant is that the first project developer to deliver carbon removal under it is Charm Industrial – the inventor and world’s leading developer of the bio-oil geological storage process.

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Furthermore, back in 2021, Charm Industrial struck a deal with Shopify for the purchase of $2 million worth of carbon removals, and this will be the first order to be verified against Isometric’s new protocol. 

Peter Reinhardt, CEO and founder of Charm Industrial, commented on the announcement: “Carbon removals don’t get delivered to a loading dock, and that means trusted verification is critical. We’re really excited about Isometric’s scientific rigor, their registry business model that increases integrity, and a huge step toward even more transparency in delivering carbon removal”. 

The Protocol was made in collaboration with the registry’s in-house team of scientists and reviewers and was developed in alignment with the Isometric Standard, which was published recently. 

Eamon Jubbawy, Isometric founder and CEO, said: “Carbon markets require trust to operate effectively and that’s exactly what our Protocols deliver. This moment marks a new era for this industry, where credits are grounded in scientific rigor and buyers can purchase with confidence.” 

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