Isometric Revolutionizes Enhanced Weathering With A New Protocol

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Isometric has recently revolutionized the process of carbon removal through enhanced weathering with the introduction of a groundbreaking new protocol. This protocol, which has been certified in partnership with Eion and InPlanet, is now recognized as the most extensive in the world for achieving long-lasting carbon removal via enhanced weathering.

The protocol’s certification represents a major achievement in advancing this carbon removal technology and establishes Isometric, InPlanet, and Eion as leaders in promoting a sustainable future, one where decarbonization will be crucial in protecting our climate in the years to come.

Enhanced weathering is a process that accelerates the natural weathering of rocks, which helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere. While until now, this method has been challenging to monitor and verify its effectiveness, the new protocol changes that by providing clear guidelines for how to carry out, report, and verify enhanced weathering activities.

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Past approaches to accrediting enhanced weathering have heavily relied on desk-based modeling to estimate the amount of carbon removal. Isometric’s protocol outlines the specific measurements of weathering and bicarbonate storage necessary to assign carbon credits that truly reflect the climate impact.

All Isometric protocols, including the newest one, are designed according to the Isometric Standard, the most stringent guidelines for carbon removal globally.

This standard was developed in a partnership between Isometric’s own team of scientists and reviewers from their independent Science Network, which consists of more than 200 climate specialists. 

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The new protocol was also influenced by the results of a workshop held by Isometric in San Francisco in December, which included crucial participants from the enhanced weathering field.

As stated by Isometric, the release of the Enhanced Weathering Protocol is a further move towards establishing confidence and openness in global carbon markets.

According to them, this is essential for advancing carbon removal to the necessary scale for the planet, which is the mission that Isometric was established to fulfill.

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