Isometric Releases New Protocol Boosting Reliable Biogenic CCS Initiatives

Isometric Releases New Protocol Boosting Reliable Biogenic CCS Initiatives - Carbon Herald
Isometric Releases New Protocol Boosting Reliable Biogenic CCS Initiatives – Carbon Herald

Isometric has introduced a new protocol aimed at enhancing the reliability and effectiveness of biogenic carbon capture and sequestration (BCCS) initiatives. 

This highly anticipated set of guidelines is designed to offer a sustainable solution for long-lasting carbon removal while maintaining the integrity and transparency of the process. 

With the addition of the Biogenic Carbon Capture and Sequestration Protocol, there are now a total of six published Isometric protocols. These include Biomass Geological Storage, Bio-oil Geological Storage, Direct Air Capture, Enhanced Weathering, and ocean alkalinity Enhancement.

The new protocol, currently in the midst of a thorough public review process, is set to revolutionize the way carbon credits are acquired and utilized in the fight against climate change.

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The BCCS approach involves utilizing biomass from agriculture or forest management to power industrial processes that produce CO2. The produced CO2 is then extracted from the flue gas, captured, and securely stored underground through a chemical process.

Isometric’s new protocol marks a significant step forward in the quest for sustainable carbon capture and storage solutions. 

Providing clear and comprehensive rules for suppliers, the protocol ensures that biomass used within the BCCS mechanism is sourced in an environmentally responsible manner. This not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also promotes the use of renewable resources in industrial processes.

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By setting forth comprehensive requirements, Isometric is ensuring that purchasers of CO2 removal credits derived from biomass can have confidence that the biomass used in the BCCS process is not linked to deforestation or land use changes that result in additional emissions.

Arbor Energy is the inaugural supplier to issue credits under these guidelines, making them the first company to do so within the protocol.

As the most stringent carbon registry globally, Isometric is dedicated to advancing the responsible and rapid growth of the carbon removal sector. With the publication of the BCCS Protocol, Isometric is taking yet another step towards establishing credibility and transparency in carbon markets.

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