Isometric Issued Its First Protocol For Carbon Removal Via Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

Isometric Issued Its First Protocol For Carbon Removal Via Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement - Carbon Herald

Isometric – a leading carbon removal standard and registry, announced the issuance of its first protocol for durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR) through Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE). The OAE Protocol is designed to outline the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) and best practices for high-quality carbon removal though the method of ocean alkalinity enhancement.

Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement is a CDR methodology that involves human intervention to accelerate a naturally occurring CO2 sequestration process in the ocean. It involves adding rock minerals also called alkalinity, to the surface ocean. A chemical reaction is occurring that binds the dissolved carbon dioxide in seawater into bicarbonate and carbonate ions – or solid forms of CO2. 

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The carbonate ions are an important building block for marine life to form structures such as sea shells and coral skeletons. The higher abundance of bicarbonate and carbonate ions also fights ocean acidification. As CO2 in the surface of ocean water is reduced as a result of OAE, additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is being absorbed by the ocean to make up for that difference. 

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Isometric’s protocol details how OAE can be monitored, reported on, and verified (MRV) so that buyers can purchase OAE carbon credits with confidence. One of the main goals of Isometric is to create trust and transparency in carbon markets by certifying carbon removal credits aligned with the best available science. 

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According to the announcement, Planetary Technologies – a project developer that applies OAE to sequester CO2 via the ocean, is the first one who has signed up to the protocol. Planetary Technologies have sold carbon removal credits to first buyers Shopify, MaRS and Terraset which means those credits will be delivered against the Isometric OAE Protocol. 

The Protocol was also developed in line with the Isometric Standard – a robust set of rules for carbon removals. Prior to issuing, the Protocol had undergone a full public consultation and had received peer reviews from ocean science experts within the Isometric Science Network which comprises over 200 carbon removal scientists.

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