Isometric Gets Conditional Accreditation From ICROA

Isometric Gets Conditional Accreditation From ICROA - Carbon Herald

Isometric, a leading player in the carbon crediting sector, has recently achieved conditional accreditation from ICROA, marking a significant advancement in ensuring high-quality carbon credits.

As the first registry to garner endorsement under ICROA’s latest, more stringent standards, Isometric sets a new benchmark for adherence to industry guidelines, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

ICROA, dedicated to upholding integrity in the voluntary carbon market, rigorously evaluates accredited entities annually to ensure alignment with its Code of Best Practice.

Isometric’s swift accreditation process can be attributed to its commitment to issuing scientifically robust, fully verified, and transparent credits, coupled with a business model designed to eliminate conflicts of interest prevalent in traditional carbon markets, as outlined in the Isometric Standard.

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With climate-conscious businesses increasingly seeking reliable, credible, and verifiable carbon credits, ICROA’s accreditation serves as a testament to Isometric’s unparalleled quality offerings, according to the statement.

This accreditation underscores Isometric’s ongoing efforts to foster trust in carbon markets, a pivotal undertaking in driving the widespread adoption of carbon removal solutions necessary for addressing the planet’s climate challenges—an objective at the core of the company’s mission.

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