Iowa Considers Bill To Stop Use Of Eminent Domain By Carbon Pipelines

Iowa Considers Bill To Stop Use Of Eminent Domain By Carbon Pipelines - Carbon Herald
Source: Taylor Hunt via Pexels

Lawmakers in Iowa are considering a new bill that would allow authorities to prevent carbon pipeline developers from using eminent domain in the state. 

The bill is a direct response to the amount of controversy surrounding the planned carbon pipeline projects. 

One of the three major pipeline projects that were set to pass through Iowa has already been scrapped by developer Navigator CO2 last year, precisely due to regulatory issues and much pushback from both local authorities, as well as residents and environmental activists. 

However, the two remaining projects include Summit Carbon Solutions’ 2,000 mile-long pipeline and a smaller project spearheaded by Wolf Carbon Solutions

House Study Bill 608 was voted on by a three-member House subcommittee yesterday and, if passed, will allow 21 members of the Iowa House or 11 Iowa senators to petition for the suspension of all hearings and proceedings related to the exercise of eminent domain by said project developers. 

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