Ionada To Develop Onboard Carbon Capture System Under Norway’s Green Shipping Programme

Ionada To Develop Onboard Carbon Capture System Under Norwegian Pilot Project - Carbon Herald

Canada-based Ionada, which manufactures exhaust gas cleaning systems, will take part in a pilot project for developing an onboard system for carbon capture and storage (CCS) under Norway’s Green Shipping Programme.

The Green Shipping Programme is a public-private partnership (PPP) working in support of the maritime strategies and plans of the Norwegian government.

For the pilot Ionada will use its modular membrane technology which needs up to 50% less space and 30% less power than conventional marine carbon capture systems.

The company has already developed a membrane contactor CCS system for small to mid-size carbon emitters using this technology.

“Our patented hollow fiber membrane technology has the potential to revolutionize the carbon capture industry, and we believe it can play a key role in reducing emissions from the maritime sector,” Frode Helland-Evebø, Ionada’s Vice President Commercial, said in a comment.

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The pilot, which was initiated in the winter of 2021, is aimed at setting up an onboard CCS system on a ship owned by global energy infrastructure services group Altera Infrastructure.

The goal is to develop a scalable and flexible solution that can be implemented on other vessels of different size using other types of gas or oil as fuel.

The pilot includes a study mapping current onboard CCS solutions, existing technologies, and ongoing projects, with a focus on potential synergies in other industries.

The study also aims to develop Altera-specific carrier vessel cases, which would evaluate the feasibility of mixing the captured CO2 with the transported cargo.

Several pilot projects have already been launched and completed under Norway’s Green Shipping Programme, the most recent one being a study examining the potential retrofitting of an open hatch vessel to run on green ammonia.

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