International Organization For Standardization (ISO) To Develop Net Zero Standard

International Organization For Standardization (ISO) To Develop Net Zero Standard - CArbon Herald

Efforts are currently underway to create ISO‘s first global standard on achieving net zero. This standard aims to clarify the path to net zero, establish stringent requirements, and facilitate independently verified, comprehensive climate initiatives, ultimately hastening progress toward a sustainable future.

Noelia Garcia Nebra, Head of Sustainability at ISO commented on the announcement by saying: “ISO takes our role in supporting a net zero transition seriously. As part of our Climate Commitment, we look forward to delivering an international standard the market has been asking for, and importantly, suitable for organizations of all sizes, sectors and geographies.”

Scheduled for release at COP30 in November 2025, this standard is being crafted to offer a worldwide framework to assist organizations in their net zero journey.

ISO Net Zero initiative

Thousands of specialists from over 170 countries are anticipated to collaborate through national standards bodies, integrating the latest advancements in climate science. A public consultation period will open later in 2025 to gather global feedback and ensure diverse perspectives are considered.

This standard evolves from the ISO Net Zero Guidelines introduced at COP27, transforming them into an internationally verifiable standard. The initial Guidelines aimed to help organizations develop detailed net zero strategies by providing reliable best practices. The new standard will enhance public trust and prevent greenwashing by establishing clear guidance and requirements, enabling verification of claims’ authenticity.

The British Standards Institution (BSI), representing the UK National Standards Body, is leading this initiative in collaboration with ICONTEC, Colombia’s National Standards Body. Experts who are interested in contributing to the development of the standard are welcome to join their National Standard Body’s climate change management committee by finding their country’s ISO member.

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