International Biochar Initiative And CSI Merge Standards For Industry Growth

International Biochar Initiative And CSI Merge Standards For Industry Growth - Carbon Herald

Carbon Standards International (CSI) and the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) are deeply pleased to announce a new partnership to create stronger standards and certifications to meet the needs of a rapidly scaling biochar industry.

As the core part of this partnership, the IBI Biochar Standard, the industry’s first material standard, will merge with CSI’s World Biochar Certificate.

An expert group led by the biochar researcher and IBI Founding Member Dr. Johannes Lehmann of Cornell University will be installed to be consulted in the future on further developments of the standard, including consideration of elements of the legacy IBI Standard.

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To further support this work, IBI will develop a suite of education materials to increase understanding for CSI certification applicants about how to prepare for certification, and how to best prepare for future recertification. These education materials will include online courses and cover all of CSI’s certifications, including the World Biochar Certificate, the Global Artisan C-Sink, among others.

Ensuring the highest quality and safest biochar has been the hallmark of the IBI Standard since its launch in 2015. Through merging this legacy with CSI’s updated World Biochar Certificate, the industry will create increased assurance regarding the reliability and safety of biochar, both as part of carbon markets and for the physical biochar itself.

BI Board Chair, Lucia Brusegan, affirms, “As the biochar industry scales, IBI continues to work to support it with partnerships that create confidence in biochar systems. Merging IBI’s legacy standard with the World Biochar Certificate, and creating new education programs to support the companies seeking certification, creates new value for the entire biochar ecosystem, from producer to buyer.”

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The International Biochar Initiative members can also receive discounts on education programs, expected to launch later in 2024, creating a pathway to certification that is cost effective and accessible. There will be additional benefits for IBI members, which we will be happy to inform you about in the coming months.

Carbon Standards International CEO, Ueli Steiner, states: “In the last years, biochar production has developed rapidly all over the world. In this partnership with IBI we want to offer modern standards and supporting services for the biochar industry, but also for all producers worldwide.”

As a result of this partnership and merging of the two standards, the IBI Certification program will be retired. Please visit the IBI and CSI websites to learn more about their work and to engage with both sides of this partnership.

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