InterEarth Lands $8.25M Deal From German SEFE

InterEarth Lands $8.25M Deal From German SEFE - Carbon Herald

Perth-based climate-tech startup InterEarth has secured a landmark $8.25 million agreement with Germany’s Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE) to advance its innovative carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technology, Business News Australia reported today.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the Australian company, which focuses on sustainable carbon sequestration using native Australian species and novel biomass storage methods.

The partnership with SEFE, a major energy player, follows a revenue-sharing model that will enable InterEarth to scale its operations and commercialize its proprietary technology.

Dr. Howard Carr, InterEarth’s CEO, emphasized that their solution goes beyond reducing emissions, directly removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

The company’s unique approach, described as “reverse mining,” involves growing and harvesting trees, then storing the biomass to prevent decomposition and combustion.

This method enhances CO2 capture, supports local employment, and mitigates risks associated with traditional tree plantations.

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“Our solution is safe, simple, scalable and it’s working right now,” Dr. Carr was quoted as saying. “By repeatedly harvesting the above ground biomass of coppicing trees (which rapidly regrow after harvest) we create an efficient, sustainable and continuous carbon removal system.”

The system cultivates a variety of high-biomass Australian dryland plants on low-rainfall farmland. The harvested biomass is securely stored to ensure long-term carbon sequestration.

This scalable and affordable CDR method provides verified environmental benefits and positive social impacts, including land revitalization, according to Dr. Carr.

InterEarth’s collaboration with SEFE aligns with the German company’s mission to drive green energy transformation in Europe.

SEFE’s vice president, Nathan Dixon, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the affordability, durability, and scalability of InterEarth’s solution.

Additionally, the Australian startup is supported by FundWA, a venture capital fund that invests in innovative technology businesses in Western Australia.

With the new funding, InterEarth plans to develop industrial-scale tree harvesters and advanced biomass handling and storage technologies, preparing for large-scale implementation.

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