Inherit To Provide Bofort With Carbon Removal Credits

Inherit To Provide Bofort With Carbon Removal Credits - Carbon Herald

Bofort, a specialist cryogenic and CO2 ISO tank leasing company, purchases carbon removal credits from Inherit Carbon Solutions.

Bofort, a leading cryogenic ISO tank leasing company, has announced its purchase of carbon removal credits from Inherit Carbon Solutions. This initiative emphasizes Bofort’s commitment to sustainability and proactive efforts in combating climate change.

Inherit Carbon Solutions is at the forefront of deploying innovative carbon removal solutions, utilizing waste-water and food waste for carbon removal.

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Christopher Clerckx, Bofort Fleet Manager, emphasized the company’s dedication to compensating for their emissions with high quality carbon credits. “With our specialized tank fleet, we play a significant role in the transport of CO2 from places where it is captured to locations where it is being utilized and/or stored.”

“At the same time, we work consistently to reduce our own CO2 footprint. Partnering with Inherit Carbon Solutions aligns with our deep-rooted values of sustainability and allows us to do exactly that. We are convinced that tackling climate change requires a united front, and we’re proud to join forces with Inherit in this critical endeavor.”

Mike Carpenter, CEO and Co-founder of Inherit Carbon Solutions, expressed pride in supporting Bofort’s sustainability goals. “Bofort plays a pioneering role in meeting logistical needs in the nascent CC(U)S markets, as well as in purchasing carbon removal in its industry.

“This further contributes to carbon removal penetration across new market segments. Together, we’re demonstrating that effective, scalable solutions to reduce carbon emissions are possible when industry leaders collaborate.”

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