Aqualung & Ingersoll Rand Partner To Expand Carbon Capture For Smaller-Scale Emitters

Aqualung & Ingersoll Rand Partner To Expand Carbon Capture For Smaller-Scale Emitters - Carbon Herald
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Two companies taking part in the race of enhancing the sustainable industry are joining forces to offer a new carbon capture system. Aqualung – a carbon capture company and Ingersoll Rand – a multinational company providing industrial products, have signed a Head of Agreement (HoA) contract to create a safe, absorbent-free, and highly compact carbon capture system for industrial gas and biogas.

The companies announced they are launching soon the first commercial prototype of their jointly created carbon capture system. The system brings together Ingersoll Rand’s blower and vacuum solutions with Aqualung’s membrane technology to offer a modular carbon capture solution.

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Aqualung produces a membrane carbon capture and separation system that is modular and therefore highly scalable. The company’s technology cost-effectively captures CO2 from emitters even at small scale (<100,000 TPA) and at low CO2 concentration which according to the company, unlocks whole new markets, representing 85% of CO2 emitters.

Its solution is also energy and space efficient and can be retrofitted to multiple adjacent facilities at once which drives down costs. As blowers and vacuum pumps are required to provide a driving force in the membrane system, Aqualung approached Ingersoll Rand as the company has a broad multi-technology and equipment portfolio in this space. 

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Ingersoll Rand has also mapped out high-level application solutions for Aqualung and advised the company on how to optimize equipment to meet changing specifications over time.

“We’re very excited Ingersoll Rand is more than a supplier, demonstrating the foresight to be a driving force towards cleaner technology by accelerating our offering beyond expectations. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for both companies,” commented Andrew Robbins, CEO of Aqualung.

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