Infinium And SMA Mineral Collaborate On Innovative eFuels Venture

Infinium And SMA Mineral Collaborate On Innovative eFuels Venture - Carbon Herald

Infinium, a leading company in sustainable fuels, has signed a deal with SMA Mineral to further progress the development of their eFuels project at the Mo Industripark in Mo i Rana, Norway.

As the demand for sustainable aviation fuels continues to grow, partnerships like the one between Infinium and SMA Mineral are crucial for accelerating the adoption of eFuels in the aviation industry.

The facility operated by Infinium will use CO2 produced by SMA at their Zero Emission Quick Lime (ZEQL) manufacturing facility in the industrial park as a raw material for manufacturing eFuels. 

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SMA’s ZEQL process is a collaborative effort between SMA Mineral and SaltX Technology aimed at electrifying the manufacturing of quicklime. This innovative process utilizes renewable energy to burn lime and capture a pure stream of CO2, eliminating the need for a separate carbon capture unit.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, Infinium runs the world’s first large-scale eFuels facility and is working on over twelve projects worldwide. Infinium CEO Robert Schuetzle stated that eFuels are a versatile and effective solution for reducing carbon emissions in transportation, especially in aviation. He expressed pride in leading the way in commercial eFuel development in the Americas and Europe.

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The technology behind Infinium’s method utilizes waste CO2 and sustainable energy sources to create eFuels like its sustainable aviation fuel, Infinium eSAF. The products of Infinium can be easily integrated into current engines and infrastructure without any changes, offering a ready-to-use alternative to fossil fuel-based products. 

This collaboration between Infinium and SMA Mineral aims to create a closed-loop system that not only reduces the industrial carbon footprint but also promotes a circular economy by utilizing waste carbon dioxide as a feedstock for fuel production.

CEO of SMA, Svante Fielding, emphasized that by partnering with Infinium, they aim to stimulate economic development in the area, create more job prospects, encourage technological advancement, and establish Mo i Rana as a key center for industries that promote sustainability.

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