Industry In Germany Wants Carbon Management To Be On Top Of Government’s Agenda

Industry In Germany Wants Carbon Management To Be On Top Of Government's Agenda - Carbon Herald
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Germany has started working on its National Carbon Management Strategy (CMS) and some of the largest industrial companies in the country are urging government to focus on creating a comprehensive carbon management strategy.

The companies come from a broad range and include names like TES, a green hydrogen company providing non-intermittent energy, as well as MAN Energy Solutions, CEMEX and 14 others.

Perhaps the most important point in the proposed plan is the pooling of resources for developing CO2 management alongside hydrogen.

Marco Alverà, Group CEO of TES said: “The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act impressively demonstrates the potential of an effective  regulatory framework. CO2 should be integrated into the market as the ideal and safest hydrogen carrier.  When combined with hydrogen, it forms eNG (renewable natural gas) staying within a closed-loop  without being released into the air.”

One of the specific suggestions is to establish a tight connection between the carbon management strategy and the National Hydrogen and Biomass Strategy of Germany, which will lead to integrated networks and systems, allowing rapid pipeline construction with a clear use case.

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“Hydrogen and the raw material CO2 must be thought of together,” said Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions. “Shipping, aviation, the chemical industry, they all depend on synthetic fuels. And  these are predominantly derived from H2 and CO2. Technologies for CO2 capture and utilization are therefore indispensable for decarbonizing Germany as an industrial location.”

Germany has been making progress on hydrogen and carbon capture in recent months. A deal between Equinor and RWE to develop hydrogen plants and a pipeline network was struck in early January. A partnership agreement between Germany and Belgium for transport of hydrogen and carbon dioxide through the port of Antwerp-Bruges was also announced in mid-February.

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