Indigo Ag Sets New Record With Third Carbon Crop Success

Indigo Ag Sets New Record With Third Carbon Crop Success - Carbon Herald

Indigo Ag, a company focused on sustainable agriculture, has announced the successful conclusion of its third carbon crop. Producing 163,048 carbon credits, Indigo stands out as the sole company to achieve three large-scale carbon harvests. 

Founded in 2013, Indigo Ag operates globally and transforms sustainable farming practices into benefits for farmers, agribusinesses, and companies. 

The company is a leading provider of registry-issued, high quality agricultural soil carbon credits, offering scope 3 emissions reductions to assist corporations in achieving their sustainability targets.

Indigo Ag’s innovative carbon program connects farmers with corporate supporters, enabling the adoption of eco-friendly production practices while offering companies the chance to acquire offset credits. 

The carbon credits offered by Indigo Ag are validated and distributed by the Climate Action Reserve, a highly respected independent carbon registry on a global scale.

Since the beginning of the carbon program, farmers participating in it have successfully stored or prevented the release of around 300,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Up to now, producers participating in Indigo Ag’s sustainability programs, including Carbon and Sustainable Crops, have made over $12 million.

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The program continues to expand, with more farmers being compensated, additional fields being utilized, and an increase in the number of credits generated each year.

Dean Banks, CEO of Indigo Ag, stated that the third carbon crop’s record-breaking success demonstrates that farmers can generate income while making a significant impact by utilizing agricultural soil as a major carbon storage solution.

He added “As carbon projects continue to be scrutinized, we are incredibly proud to be the largest issuer of nature-based, registry issued agricultural soil carbon credits in the world, driving real value for farmers and corporations.”

By implementing innovative techniques and forging partnerships with farmers, the company has been able to revolutionize the way carbon is sequestered and utilized in agriculture. This achievement not only benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also provides valuable opportunities for all participants in the program.

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