Indigo Ag Is Sowing Seeds Of Change In The Carbon Market

Indigo Ag Is Sowing Seeds Of Change In The Carbon Market - Carbon Herald

Sustainable agriculture solutions provider Indigo Ag is revolutionizing farming by promoting regenerative practices and allowing farmers to access the carbon market. 

Max DuBuisson, the vice president of sustainability policy and engagement at Indigo AG, brought a wealth of knowledge and insight into what the company is doing during an interview on the Carbonsations podcast. 

Indigo AG‘s innovative approach combines physical products like biologicals—naturally occurring soil microbes that help crops withstand stress—with digital solutions to engage farmers in sustainable practices. 

Their Carbon by Indigo program offers a dual benefit: carbon credits and sustainable supply chain solutions. 

Max explained that for farmers, the process of enrolling in the program is streamlined through partnerships with agricultural companies and a self-service software platform, making it easy to commit to practice changes that benefit both their land and the environment.

The company works with Verra and the Climate Action Reserve to ensure their carbon credits are verified and of high quality. Max emphasized the importance of soil carbon measurement, which Indigo AG handles entirely, using both physical soil sampling and modeling to track and verify carbon sequestration.

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Despite the challenges faced by the voluntary carbon markets in 2023, Max remains optimistic about the future of carbon farming.

He highlighted the explosion of interest from farmers and the support from the federal government, particularly through the Inflation Reduction Act and the Growing Climate Solutions Act. 

These initiatives are providing funding and resources to stimulate research and pilot various carbon farming approaches.

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Max also touched on the importance of high-quality, nature-based carbon removals and the role of the voluntary carbon markets in scaling carbon farming. 

He believes that as the market matures and quality labels become more prevalent, the demand for carbon credits will continue to grow, especially for those that support rural economies and help farmers transition to more sustainable practices.

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