Indigo Ag And Red Trail Energy To Work On Sustainable Biofuels

Indigo Ag And Red Trail Energy To Work On Sustainable Biofuels - Carbon Herald

Sustainable agriculture solutions provider Indigo Ag is teaming up with Red Trail Energy, North Dakota bioethanol plant operator, to produce sustainable biofuels.

The collaboration between the two companies will allow farmers, who use sustainable practices to grow low carbon intensity (CI) corn, to benefit from clean fuels market tax credit programs.

Red Trail will rely on Indigo Ag’s proven measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) and remote sensing to accurately measure the carbon intensity levels of fields.

This, in turn, will help Red Trail determine which farmers are most likely to produce low CI feedstock, and enroll them in the programs. 

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Indigo Ag can then deliver the data needed to comply with the tax credit requirements, which will include data collection, as well as its verification and the analysis of eligible practices in GREET and other clean fuel calculators.

As a result, Red Trail Energy will be able to fully take advantage of clean fuel markets in Canada and the US, starting with the 45Z tax credit at the beginning of next year, making it among the first ethanol producers to benefit from this particular program (aka the Clean Fuel Production Credit).

“Red Trail Energy is a leader in fuel decarbonization and we are looking forward to working with  leading companies like Indigo Ag as our sustainable biofuels partner,” said Jodi Johnson, CEO  of Red Trail Energy.

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“Indigo Ag’s science backed MRV capabilities will ensure we can receive  all of the benefits from clean fuel market tax crediting programs and share those benefits with growers who are doing the hard work on the ground.”  

Dean Banks, president and CEO of Indigo Ag commented: “Indigo Ag has all of the capabilities in science, policy and technology to offer a proven solution that connects physical crops with sustainability attributes throughout the agricultural supply chain, ensuring real environmental impacts with the highest data quality standards.

“We look forward to working with Red Trail Energy through the dynamic biofuels environment to ensure they capture all of the benefits available to  them from low carbon biofuels programs,” Banks said. 

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