Impact Nest Shows Vital Link Between Soil Health & Climate Change

Impact Nest Shows Vital Link Between Soil Health & Climate Change - Carbon Herald
Source: Impact Nest

Event host Impact Nest celebrated World Soil Day (Dec 5th) with a spectacular multi-media show highlighting the link between soil health and climate change.

The event was held during the COP28 climate summit in the UAE, in the Al Wasl Plaza, at the heart of Expo City Dubai. 

Impact Nest specializes in hosting curated events at iconic venues with influential change makers to raise awareness about the devastating effects of the climate crisis and help accelerate the adoption process of tangible sustainable solutions.

Source: Impact Nest

The event brought together the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Bulgarian Ministry of Innovation, and spiritual leader Sadhguru, who launched the Save Soil movement in 2022 with the aim of drawing attention to soil degradation caused by the effects of climate change. 

One of the points emphasized by the awe-inspiring multi-media event was the potential of climate change triggering 1.4 billion environmental migrants by 2060, largely due to loss of agricultural soil.

The link between soil health and climate is an obvious one, and reverting to age-old agriculture practices (today also referred to as regenerative agriculture) is the path towards reversing the devastating effects of the climate crisis and securing a sustainable future for generations to come. 

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As a result of adopting more sustainable farming practices, agricultural soil can capture and store more carbon dioxide, which helps remove residual CO2 emissions from the air, and benefits soil health and promotes crop growth.

Galina Vacheva, CEO of Impact Nest, outlined the company’s mission after the colorful display: “Five months ago, Impact Nest was only a shared vision of three dedicated individuals. Our vision is to ignite climate action through immersive experiences. Our goal is not only to awaken minds & connect hearts via the power of art but also to highlight tangible, sustainable solutions.

Solutions with the power to change the trajectory of humanity, and reverse the impacts of climate change and climate-induced migration.”

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