ICVCM Calls On Experts To Join Continuous Improvement Work Programs

ICVCM Calls On Experts To Join Continuous Improvement Work Programs - Carbon Herald
Source: ICVCM

The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) is calling on experts to join its Continuous Improvement Work Programs.

The campaign was launched after the organization published its full Core Carbon Principles (CCPs) Assessment Framework and Assessment Procedure in July 2023 as a means of continuously improving the framework. 

Its aim is to help identify and better understand best practices and novel approaches to addressing some of the major issues in the voluntary carbon market (VCM). 

There are 10 Continuous Improvement Work Programs, each of which covers a distinct topic:

  • Paris Alignment 1 (Corresponding adjustment)
  • Paris Alignment 2 (Share of Proceeds for Adaptation (SOPA))
  • Paris Alignment 3 (Baselines and Nationally Determined Contributions)
  • Permanence
  • Sustainable Development Benefits and Social Safeguards (*includes Benefit Sharing)
  • Digital Measurement, Reporting and Validation (MRV)
  • Market Transparency, Standardization and Scalability
  • Oversight of Validation / Verification Bodies (VVBs) and Measurement, Reporting and Validation (MRV) systems
  • Simplified approaches for small projects
  • Jurisdictional Crediting Approaches

The ICVCM invites individual critics, innovators, and experts to join the conversation by applying for these programs and landing on the roster of experts for a period of two years with the option of renewal. 

Applicants can be from any sector, including environmental NGOs, the public and private sectors, civil society, and others. 

In order to be eligible for application, experts are asked to provide proof of their extensive knowledge in the relevant topics. 

The ICVCM Continuous Improvement Work Programs will hold virtual 3-hour meetings approximately once a month for about six months.

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