ICROA Endorses City Forest Credits Standard

ICROA Endorses City Forest Credits Standard - Carbon Herald

The City Forest Credits Standard has joined the list of endorsed carbon credit guidelines by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Accreditation (ICROA).

This verifiable emission credit system is the 15th independent Standard to be approved by the ICROA.

Based and operating in the US, City Forest Credits is a nonprofit organization with a carbon registry that defines a standard for quantifying and authenticating GHG emission reduction efforts in projects focused on planting trees and creating gardens in and around urban areas.

A crucial aspect in the consideration of whether a project is eligible for CFC carbon credits is its potential to enhance the overall quality of life of individuals residing in the relevant area. There needs to be an added value of creating a publicly accessible green resource—one where people can enjoy trees and nature in the areas of their everyday activities.

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1 Carbon+ Credit™ (one metric ton of CO2 emissions) for an urban forest project includes quantified additional benefits such as air quality improvement, energy savings, stormwater reduction, and a physical, mental, and social health-boosting effect accessible to all community members.

With 15 years of history, ICROA is a leading accreditation programme for agents operating on the carbon market. The organization made a careful assessment of the CFC Standard principles and made suggestions towards improving transparency and best practices. 

CFC proceeded to strengthen its framework according to these recommendations and managed to earn the distinguishing endorsement.

Amy Zell, Technical Director at ICROA, commented: “We are delighted to endorse the City Forest Credits Standard as a valuable addition to the ICROA Code of Best Practice. The program provides the opportunity for all ICROA Accredited Organisations to transact credits from this new and emerging sector of projects that are making our cities greener, healthier, and more equitable,”

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