IAG And Twelve Strike Largest E-SAF Deal To Date

IAG And Twelve Strike Largest E-SAF Deal To Date - Carbon Herald

The International Airlines Group (IAG) just signed its largest purchase deal for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to date with e-SAF producer Twelve. 

IAG, which is one of the world’s biggest airline groups, currently has 528 aircrafts, carrying over 115 million passengers per year to and from 92 countries.

Some of the group members include major airlines like British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, and others.

In 2021, IAG committed to bring its consumption of SAF to one million metric tons annually by 2030, which is the equivalent of removing one million vehicles from the road per year. 

The deal with Twelve marks a substantial milestone on the path to achieving this target, as it is for the amount of 260 million gallons or approximately 785,000 metric tons starting in 2025.

This corresponds to a third of IAG’s target and also represents the first e-SAF deal made by a European airline group.

Twelve’s e-SAF is made from CO2, water and renewable energy sources (i.e., wind or solar), is compatible with jet engines and offers just about the same performance as regular jet fuel.

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The California-based carbon transformation company specializes in the production of a range of different products of value – all made from recycled CO2 emissions – but is perhaps most well-known for its efforts in the realm of SAF.

In fact, the partnership with IAG comes just weeks after Twelve announced the launch of its first commercial scale SAF production facility in Lake Moses, Washington, which is expected to become operational by the end of 2024. 

Nicholas Flanders, Twelve’s Co-Founder and CEO said: “We are proud to partner with IAG on this historic deal to advance sustainable aviation with our e-SAF that has up to 90% lower emissions than conventional jet fuel.”

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