Hyzon Partners Up With Woodside For Oklahoma Hydrogen Facility

Hyzon Partners Up With Woodside For Oklahoma Hydrogen Facility - Carbon Herald

Hyzon Motors announced a joint venture with Australian oil company Woodside Petroleum.

The US hydrogen truck producer has agreed to a partnership that will construct a 290MW facility in Oklahoma. It will be used to produce 90 tonnes per day of liquid hydrogen.

The target year the plant to be operations is 2025 with construction set to begin in 2023 according to Woodside.

The project already has a land lease in Ardmore, Oklahoma to build the plant with a future expansion to 550MW also a possible in the 38 hectares of the location.

The Australian energy company also mentioned that there are plans for more hydrogen production sites, but didn’t share further details about their scope or locations.

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Woodside have been very active on the hydrogen front of their business recently. The company announced several big projects it’s working on.

One is a hydrogen plant in Tasmania with a target of 200,000 t/year of ammonia production and another is a joint venture to build and manage hydrogen refuelling stations in South Korea.

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The facility’s design is reported to be modular, so we can assume that replicating it across different locations will be easier going forward.

Hyzon and Woodside also announced that they will be working in tandem to explore the broader scope of the hydrogen industry, the demand it will see in the short-term, as well as the supply and engineering challenges it faces in order to become a serious part of the global energy mix.

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