Hyzon Motors Develops New Cost-Effective Hydrogen Storage Technology

Hyzon Motors Develops New Cost-Effective Hydrogen Storage Technology - Carbon Herald

One of the world’s leading hydrogen technology companies, Hyzon Motors, has unveiled a solution that may be an answer to the problem of high production costs of hydrogen and, in fact, slash them in half.

The hydrogen fuel cell technology supplier has come up with a new onboard hydrogen storage system that can lower the weight of its commercial vehicles and cut their manufacturing costs.

The new technology allows the integration of lighter compound materials with the storage system’s metal frame. As a result, it can potentially lead to as much as 43% weight reduction of the entire system and can reduce the number of necessary manufacturing components by up to 75%. This leads to a total cost reduction of 52%.

Further Benefits Of Hyzon Motor’s Technology

Other benefits of Hyzon Motors’ storage system solution include its capability to hold different quantities of hydrogen tanks – between 5 and 10, depending on the configurations. This allows to increase the vehicle’s range without eating away at the trailer size, and therefore it boosts efficiency and mileage capabilities.

Hence, the implementation of Hyzon’s new system will make the supplier’s commercial vehicles a more attractive alternative to conventionally powered heavy vehicles.

Although Hyzon’s new hydrogen technology is still patent-pending, it has already been installed in several pilot trucks in Europe, and production is also planned in Hyzon’s US facility. The proprietary technology is set to be deployed across all Hyzon Motors vehicles worldwide by Q4 2021.

Furthermore, the company will seek to license its new hydrogen storage system to other commercial vehicle suppliers around the world.

In this regard, Hyzon Mobile’s CEO commented: “Hyzon is committed to continuous innovation in our zero-emission commercial vehicles, down to every detail, enabling our customers to make the switch to hydrogen from diesel without compromise.”

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