Humber Low Carbon Pipelines Project Opens Public Consultation

Humber Low Carbon Pipelines Project Opens Public Consultation - Carbon Herald
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The National Grid launched today, October 31st, a public consultation on plans for major low carbon pipeline infrastructure from Drax to Easington called the Humber Low Carbon Pipelines (HLCP) project.

The consultation will be happening until 8.59am on Tuesday 29 November and will include drop-in events across the region where members of the public will be given further information on the project website.

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“It’s vital for us to understand what local people think of our plans, and we look forward to meeting communities along the proposed route to share more about the project, answer questions and receive feedback,” said Andy Benjamin, director of carbon capture, usage and storage at National Grid Ventures.

The Humber Low Carbon Pipelines (HLCP) project consists of two underground pipelines – one to transport captured carbon dioxide emissions from major industrial emitters and the other to transport low carbon hydrogen for use as a low-emissions alternative to fossil fuels.

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The project is part of a wider collaboration called the East Coast Cluster that unites both the Humber and Teesside regions with common infrastructure in order to decarbonize local industry. It will aim to remove up to 50% of the UK’s industrial cluster CO2 emissions. The HLCP will provide the infrastructure in the Humber while a separate project will develop the infrastructure in Teesside.

According to Mr Benjamin, the project is an important part of the region’s economic future and would provide critical skilled jobs across Humber.

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