How Can Biochar Help Remove CO2? – Live Event

How Can Biochar Help Remove CO2 - Live Event - Carbon Herald

This week’s episode of Open Air Collective’s “This is CDR” series will be live today, August 17th, between 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM EST. The team will be joined by Kathleen Draper, a biochar expert who is Chairman of the International Biochar Initiative. She will provide an overview of biochar, as well as an outline of its potential as a CDR solution that provides a slew of additional co-benefits.

You can register for the carbon dioxide removal podcast through this link.

Kathleen Draper is the Board Chair of the International Biochar Initiative, as well as U.S. Director for the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence, a non-profit, open source organization focused on its use in climate farming, agroforestry as well as other industrial uses of biochar. She is the co-author of ‘Burn: Using Fire to Cool the Earth’ and ‘TerraPreta: How the World’s Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger’. She has a Master’s degree in Managing for Sustainability.

The Open Air Collective – a network of people who voluntarily collaborate on shared projects that push Direct Air Carbon Capture forward in the real world – is launching a series of webinars focused on carbon dioxide removal. You can watch below the previous episode of “This is CDR,” which was focused on “rock dust” as a soil amendment that has the potential to remove gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere in the coming decades.

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