How Businesses Can Piggyback On Government’s Efforts To Scale Carbon Removal – Webinar

How Businesses Can Piggyback On Government’s Efforts To Scale Carbon Removal - Webinar - Carbon Herald
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On June 27th, climate technology platform Patch will be hosting a webinar dedicated to how the private sector can join the U.S. government in the effort to scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

The webinar titled ‘Carbon removal procurement playbook’ will feature experts from the U.S. Department of Energy, Bain & Company, and Charm Industrial who will provide insights from the three types of stakeholders – government, demand and supply:

  • Noah Deich, Senior Advisor at the US Department of Energy
  • Sam Israelit, Partner and Chief Sustainability Officer at Bain & Company
  • Peter Reinhardt, CEO and Co-Founder of Charm Industrial

During the online event, the panelists will explain in detail the U.S. government’s approach to high-quality voluntary carbon markets and will speak about the DOE’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchase Pilot Prize and the selected projects.

The webinar comes after the U.S. government’s recent guidelines for voluntary carbon markets highlighted the importance of using high-quality carbon credits for businesses. This is a major shift for this type of market and indicates there will be more efforts on a federal level to make these markets work.

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However, finding and verifying high-quality credits remains a challenge, especially in the nascent field of carbon removal. It requires knowledge of government policies, industry standards, scientific research, and current market conditions.

To address this need, companies leading sustainability efforts need support and expertise to vet carbon removal projects. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has been helping by launching the world’s first government program to buy carbon removal credits, called the Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchase Pilot Prize.

Aiming to support supply in the field, the DOE has carefully assessed proposals and chosen 24 promising projects that use various technologies, like capturing carbon directly from the air, accelerating natural weathering processes, and storing carbon captured from biomass.

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This rigorous selection process provides a level of vetting that private buyers can benefit from and webinar attendees will learn how businesses can leverage the DOE’s vetting process to speed up the adoption of high-quality carbon removal solutions. 

Additionally, the DOE will launch a separate program to recognize private companies that purchase high-quality carbon removal credits, providing incentives on the demand side of the equation.

The webinar will take place on June 27, at 2:00 PM ET, and you can register for it here.

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