Houston Astros Ink Deal With 1PointFive For First Carbon Removal Credits In MLB

Houston Astros Ink Deal With 1PointFive In First Carbon Removal Credits Deal For MLB - Carbon Herald
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1PointFive and the Houston Astros announced yesterday that the team will be purchasing carbon removal credits from the provider of decarbonization solutions.

The deal allows the Astros to essentially compensate for their carbon emissions by paying for CO2 to be sequestered underground after being filtered from the air by 1PointFive’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) plant, which is currently being built in Ector County, Texas.

“We are grateful to 1PointFive for their focused commitment to carbon removal and technology innovation to support this cause,” said Marcel Braithwaite, Senior Vice President Business Operations, Houston Astros. “We remain committed to continuous improvement of our stadium for our fans and purchasing carbon removal credits is an important investment for us.”

On behalf of 1PointFive their President and General Manager Michael Avery stated: “We are pleased to further our relationship with the Houston Astros and provide a solution to address future carbon emissions.”

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The agreement stipulates that the CO2 captured on behalf of the Astros will be stored in salt reservoirs that are not part of the oil and gas infrastructure of the state and will remain there  permanently.

The Astros’ contract is spread over three years and will be used to cover for activities like team travel, air conditioning and other energy consumption needs.

The Astros are the second Houston-based team to sign a carbon removal credits deal with 1PointFive. Several months ago, the Texans also made a purchase in a first for the NFL.

1PointFive is also active on several different fronts, with the company recently announcing a massive CO2 hub development in three counties along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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