Horizon Educational Launches New Program As US Pours $7B Into Hydrogen

Horizon Educational Launches New Program As US Pours $7B Into Hydrogen - Carbon Herald

Horizon Educational, an independent division of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, just announced the launch of a new education program.

Horizon Educational is dedicated to providing hands-on educational products and teaching materials for working with hydrogen fuel cells, and this latest program is focused on building a workforce for the Biden Administration’s recent $7 billion investment in hydrogen production hubs. 

The program is geared towards teenagers and pre-teens, aged 10 to 15, and empowers them to design and build their very own tiny-scale hydrogen-powered cars. 

Thus, children are offered the opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge that will be imperative to the country’s energy transition. 

“The administration’s $7 billion investment in clean hydrogen R&D will demand a future workforce with the technical knowledge needed to drive innovation in the renewable sector,” said Kamil Jelinek, CEO of Horizon Educational.

“The H2GP Sprint program motivates and trains these future innovators, providing a comprehensive curriculum along with a fun and engaging hands-on learning experience,” Jelinek said. 

With the help of the landmark investment, the US government hopes to create hydrogen hubs that will become part of a larger network of hydrogen producers, consumers and connective infrastructure.

A major emphasis in the investment plan is community engagement and how the hydrogen hubs and their related infrastructure can benefit local communities.

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