Horisont Energi Picks Location For Its Errai Carbon Capture Project

Horisont Energi Picks Location For Its Errai Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald
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Norway’s first commercial carbon capture and storage project announces a new milestone. Horisont Energi has selected the place where its Errai carbon capture and storage project will be located. 

The company entered into an option agreement with Haugaland Næringspark to locate the land-based CO2 terminal for the Errai project to Gismarvik in Rogaland, where Haugaland Næringspark has one of Norway’s largest industrial areas. 

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According to Horisont Energi, the infrastructure for the carbon capture project is already in place and the area has access to fibre, electricity, water, sewage, and a large harbour basin with deep-sea quay. 

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The Errai CCS project is a collaboration between Horisont Energi and Neptune Energy. The project plans to store 4-8 million metric tons of CO2 annually in the first development phase, potentially sequestering more in later phases. 

It includes a CO2 terminal that will receive carbon dioxide from both European and Norwegian customers, and also from the planned CO2 terminal in the Port of Rotterdam. It also includes a quay facility and an offshore reservoir for the permanent storage of CO2.

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“It is a pleasure to start the year by consolidating Haugalandet and Rogaland as the centre of the green shift in Norway. This agreement means that the region now has an important part of the infrastructure for CO2 capture and storage,” said Tiril Fjeld, general manager of Haugaland Næringspark.

Neptune Energy and Horisont Energi have awarded contracts for various concept studies for the early phase of the project. Further studies on environmental and safety requirements in line with the EU taxonomy are expected.

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