Honeywell To Test Carbon Capture Tech With Ecopetrol in Colombia

Honeywell To Test Carbon Capture With Ecopetrol in Colombia - Carbon Herald

Earlier this week Honeywell announced that it has won a contract from Ecopetrol S.A. to begin prefeed research for installing a Advanced Solvent Carbon Capture (ASCC) modular unit. The goal of the ASCC will be to measure CO2 capture from Ecopetrol’s own Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) units.

Ecopetrol is the largest oil and gas company Colombia and is looking into reducing its carbon footprint with different technologies. It’s the first energy company in the region to set a net zero emissions target for itself, which is to be fully decarbonized by 2050.

“Honeywell’s ready-now ASCC technology produces high-purity, storable carbon dioxide and can help companies worldwide meet their carbon reduction goals,” said Barry Glickman, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions.  

FCC units have a vital role in the conversion process in gasoline and propylene refineries. They are also significant contributors to CO2 emissions, accounting for 15-20% of total emissions from a typical FCC refinery. Overall, the global refining industry generates around 3% of all CO2 emissions.

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This particular FCC demonstration unit is designed to capture 30 tonnes of CO2 per day from flue gas.

If its FEED phase is successful and it is installed at the Ecopetrol site, the Honeywell demonstration unit will provide valuable information on the technology’s performance in reducing FCC emissions, as well as insights that can be used to inform the deployment of commercial-scale units in the future.

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