Honeywell To Provide Louisiana Industry With Carbon Capture Solutions

Honeywell To Provide Louisiana Industry With Carbon Capture Solutions - Carbon Herald
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Multinational corporation Honeywell and midstream energy company EnLink Midstream LLC are joining forces to offer carbon capture solutions to industry players along the Mississippi River corridor.

The announcement was made late last week, saying that both companies would market Honeywell’s carbon capture technologies in the region, which is rich in industrial emitters of CO2. 

Both sides released a joint news release detailing parts of their agreement, such as their intentions to promote Honeywell’s hydrogen purification tech, as well. 

Furthermore, EnLink’s planned CO2 transportation network will also be among the marketing focal points of the joint venture, as an essential component of the emerging carbon industry and its related infrastructure.

Prior to this announcement, EnLink had also signed an agreement with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, according to which CO2 will be transported along the Mississippi River corridor to the carbon sequestration site operated by Oxy in Livingston Parish. 

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EnLink has decades of experience operating pipelines and has existing pipelines that can be repurposed for the transportation of carbon dioxide. 

And when used together with the carbon capture technology provided by Honeywell, this will bring more cost-effective carbon capture and transportation solutions to the market, while also speeding up the carbon reduction process in an area that is known for its high levels of emissions. 

While environmental groups continue to oppose carbon capture and argue that its benefits are unproven at scale and it is far too risky, the heavy industrial sector continues to see a rise in planned carbon capture projects.

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