Honeywell Is Starting To Make Sustainable Aviation Fuel From Ethanol

Jet Fuels Neutralized With DACCS More Cost-Efficient Than SAF, New Analysis Shows - Carbon Herald
Source: Ip-sutdio via Shutterstock

Honeywell has just announced a new processing technology for the conversion of ethanol into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The process involves the use of cellulosic, sugar-based or corn-based ethanol, and depending on the exact type, the process may result in a 80% reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, compared to regular jet fuel. 

The announcement from Honeywell comes in the wake of increasing demand for sustainable aviation fuel, as the world strives to decarbonize one of the most hard-to-abate sectors.

So far, producers have largely relied on waste oils, animal fats and vegetable oils as the go-to SAF feedstocks, but the industry is now faced with serious supply shortages.

Ethanol may be the much-needed answer to this problem due to its wide availability and economic viability. 

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