Honeywell Announces Carbon Capture Deal With South Korea’s SK E&S

Honeywell Announces Carbon Capture Deal With South Korea’s SK E&S - Carbon Herald

US-based technology solutions company Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) has announced a collaboration agreement with SK E&S, part of South Korean privately held conglomerate SK Group, aimed at accelerating the energy transition in South Korea and Southeast Asia by deploying Honeywell’s carbon capture technology.

To showcase the potential of carbon capture in decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries, the collaboration will introduce Honeywell UOP’s Advanced Solvent Carbon Capture (ASCC) system at a natural gas power plant operated by SK E&S.

This system, which can be retrofitted into existing facilities or integrated into new ones, is designed for post-combustion flue gas applications and boasts a remarkable carbon dioxide (CO2) capture efficiency exceeding 95%, according to Honeywell.

Post-combustion carbon capture involves redirecting the hot flue gases produced during industrial processes, which contain various gases, including CO2, through a separation unit.

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This unit utilizes a solvent or absorbent material to selectively capture CO2 while allowing other gases to pass through.

Once captured, CO2 is separated from the solvent or absorbent material, compressed, and then transported for storage or utilization.

Barry Glickman, Vice President and General Manager at Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions, described the collaboration as a pivotal moment, saying, “This collaboration is a key milestone in demonstrating post-combustion capture technology in natural gas power plant applications, allowing Honeywell to showcase its advanced technology and modular equipment supply capabilities.”

For SK E&S, the partnership with Honeywell is an opportunity to expand its portfolio of end-to-end environmentally friendly decarbonization solutions and become a leader in decarbonizing Korea and Southeast Asia, according to TB Cha, Head of Net Zero Technology Center at SK E&S.

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