Holcim To Invest €500 Million In New Plant For Net Zero Cement

Holcim To Invest €500 Million In New Plant For Net Zero Cement - Carbon Herald

Holcim, a construction materials company, has started construction on its new GO4ZERO plant in Belgium, designed to produce cement with zero net emissions in support of Europe’s decarbonization objectives. The company is expected to invest more than €500 million (~$540 million) in the project, with plans for the facility to manufacture 2 million tons of net zero cement per year by 2029.

By focusing on producing net zero cement, Holcim is aligning itself with the global push for greener practices in the construction industry. With the construction sector being one of the largest sources of carbon emissions worldwide, the development of environment-friendly cement is a significant step in the right direction.

The first phase of the project will focus on implementing a kiln with air-oxyfuel switchable technology and CO2 purification at Holcim’s cement plant in Obourg, Belgium. This upgrade is expected to result in a 30% reduction in emissions intensity, a significant step towards the company’s net zero goals. 

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In the next phase, CO2 will be captured and purified at the plant using Cryocap technology from Air Liquide.

The captured CO2 will then be stored under the North Sea, effectively preventing it from entering the atmosphere and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

The new plant will boast innovative technologies that prioritize sustainability, such as utilizing over 95% of its energy from alternative fuels. One of the standout features will be the largest floating solar panel installation in Europe, demonstrating Holcim’s dedication to renewable energy sources. 

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Additionally, more than 30% of the raw materials used in production will come from partially decarbonized alternative sources, mainly waste produced by other industries. This approach reduces the reliance on traditional resources and helps mitigate the environmental impact of cement production.

The top officials in the region also recognized Holcim’s approach and efforts. Last year, the EU Innovation Fund chose Holcim’s GO4ZERO initiative to receive €230 million in funding. This fund, supported by income from the EU Emissions Trading System, is among the leading global initiatives providing financial support for showcasing innovative low-carbon technologies.

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