HIF Global, Empresas GASCO Achieve World’s First Carbon-Neutral Liquefied Gas

HIF Global, Empresas GASCO Achieve World's First Carbon-Neutral Liquefied Gas - Carbon Herald

Houston-based efuels producer HIF Global and Chilean gas company Empresas GASCO have produced the world’s first carbon-neutral liquefied gas (eLG) at HIF Global’s Haru Oni demonstration plant in southern Chile, harnessing renewable energy generated from the strong winds of the Magallanes Region.

This achievement, which is the result of the partners’ collaborative effort that commenced in 2021, involved a $3 million research and development (R&D) investment by Empresas GASCO, according to a joint announcement.

The goal is to promote more sustainable gas that can be seamlessly used, stored, and transported like conventional liquefied gas, without requiring any modifications to existing infrastructure or equipment.

Cesar Norton, President and CEO of HIF Global, lauded the achievement as “a substantial milestone for the hydrogen derivatives industry”, highlighting the role of its partner Empresas GASCO in achieving it.

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eLG is a by-product of the synthetic gasoline production process at HIF Global’s Haru Oni facility, utilizing the company’s newly launched methanol-to-gasoline (MtG) technology that enables the capture and storage of eLG.

However, to be made commercially available, eLG is blended with traditional liquefied gas, constituting approximately 10% to 30% of the total content.

It can be utilized in various gas-based energy solutions offered by Empresas GASCO, initially projected to reach a production of approximately 10,000 cylinders.

So far, Empresas GASCO has been working on analyses and tests to achieve safety certifications and regulatory compliance, the goal being to integrate eLG into the company’s various formats and energy applications in the future.

Additionally, HIF Global and Empresas GASCO, in collaboration with the University of Magallanes, have established the first efuels laboratory in Punta Arenas, the capital of Magallanes Region.

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