Hello Tomorrow Startup Competition Announces Its 70 Finalists

Hello Tomorrow Startup Competition Announces Its 70 Finalists - Carbon Herald
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An international startup competition is preparing a new cohort of businesses that aim to revolutionize the world for the better. The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge has recently announced its yearly finalists – 70 projects in the advanced computing, climate tech, digital health, energy and biotech sectors that stood out with their innovation.

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a renowned international startup competition founded in 2011 by a group of individuals convinced that science has the potential to change the world. The competition is designed to address the needs of early-stage deep-tech startups across all industries.

This year is the 8th consecutive edition of the competition. 70 startups were selected to move forward out of 4000 applications as they were identified as building better products to impact our industries. 

Some of the startups are utilizing CO2 emissions and transforming them into new products, others use new direct air capture technologies to capture and eliminate emissions, and some decarbonize our materials.

Xinterra is one of the finalists – a startup that is developing new materials in record time using an AI system powered by high throughput experimentation tools. The company produces materials applicable to many sectors of the economy and one of its technologies is CO2 capture materials. According to Xinterra, they are cost-effective, naturally available, and abundant, and can rapidly absorb atmospheric CO2.

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Parallel Carbon is another startup that is part of the competition. It develops new direct air capture technology that uses renewable energy, offers low costs of carbon removal, provides permanent CO2 removal and leverages existing supply chains.

Other finalists from the Unlocking the CO2 Circular Economy category are Reverion, enaDyne, Ucaneo Biotech GmbH, Enexor BioEnergy, ecoLocked and Osmoses. 

The next step for the 70 finalists is to pitch their ideas on the stage of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2023 event that will take place on March 9th and 10th in Paris, France. 

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A jury of experts – scientists, investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs will select the winners of each category and the top three startups will win one of the three equity-free prizes: €100K ($108,000) Grand Prize awarded by Natixis CIB, €30K ($32,000) 2nd prize awarded by X the moonshot factory and €20K 3rd prize awarded by Hello Tomorrow. Participants can purchase their tickets here.

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