Heliogen Joins Forces With CarbonCapture Inc For Direct Air Capture

Heliogen Joins Forces With CarbonCapture Inc For Direct Air Capture - Carbon Herald

Heliogen, a global leader in the realm of concentrated solar energy systems, has partnered up with CarbonCapture Inc. for the development of sustainable direct air capture (DAC) facilities. 

The collaboration intends to combine Heliogen’s unique expertise in providing modular, concentrated solar power solutions with CarbonCapture’s proprietary CO2 removal technology. 

Heliogen’s systems can cost-effectively produce industrial quantities of heat.

And those properties will be put to use to power CarbonCapture’s DAC systems  as a means of combating climate change by sucking harmful CO2 emissions directly from the atmosphere. 

Both companies have expressed their confidence that their technologies pair very well, as both are modular and can, therefore, be quickly scaled. 

In addition, providing a clean energy supply for the DAC systems will allow for even more efficient carbon removal, which our planet so desperately needs right now. 

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Interestingly, both CarbonCapture and Heliogen were founded under the mission of decarbonizing the planet. 

Specifically, Heliogen was formed with the intention of decarbonizing industry and CarbonCapture set out to decarbonize the air. 

So it is safe to say that both companies’ efforts are complimentary, as Heliogen contributes to reducing the rate of industrial CO2 emissions and CarbonCapture removes such emissions that are already present in the atmosphere or so-called legacy emissions. 

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Another thing the two sides share is their common origin – they both grew out of Idealab Studio, which is one of the world’s longest-running tech incubators. 

Bill Gross, CEO of Heliogen, shared that his goal when he started Heliogen was to improve the planet for future generations and teaming up with CarbonCapture Inc. would certainly help bring that goal closer. 

He believes that direct air capture will play a key role in the removal of CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere and will help reverse some of the most damaging impacts humankind has had on the environment. 

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