HeavyFinance And ClearBlue Markets To Generate 250K Carbon Credits

HeavyFinance And ClearBlue Markets To Generate 250K Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald

Climate tech investment marketplace HeavyFinance and carbon markets expert ClearBlue Markets have joined forces to generate 250,000 carbon credits. 

The carbon credits are to be generated from CO2 sequestered by 100,000 hectares of agricultural land. 

HeavyFinance has entered in the partnership as part of its ambition to remove a total of one gigaton of carbon emissions from the air by mid-century. 

Founder of HeavyFinance Laimonas Noreika pointed out the increasing interest among corporations in carbon pricing and what they can do to effectively reduce their emissions. 

“Combining with global leaders in the environmental-sphere, we can offer the best-split financing scheme and help stakeholders in each company find the right buyers,” Noreika said. 

According to estimates from HeavyFinance, the new project will result in 250,000 carbon credits by the end of 2023, at least 40% of which will then be marketed and sold by ClearBlue upfront and the rest will be sold in time. 

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