Hamerkop & The International Biochar Initiative Released New Guide On Biochar Certification

Hamerkop & The International Biochar Initiative Released New Guide On Biochar Certification - Carbon Herald
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Hamerkop – an international advisory specialized in climate finance, carbon offsetting and energy access, in partnership with the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) – a non-profit, providing a platform for fostering stakeholder collaboration, good industry practices, certification and standards information for the biochar carbon removal industry, have launched a publication – A Manual for Biochar Carbon Removal. 

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The guide provides an introduction to biochar and its current standing in the voluntary carbon market, however it mostly aims to provide valuable insights on the certification of biochar carbon removal credits and how to select the right biochar carbon standards methodology for the projects.

This source serves as a roadmap for biochar producers, investors, and stakeholders keen on understanding the intricacies of biochar carbon removal certification. It compares all existing biochar methodologies and standards against each other’s, including their costs to help participants with their project implementation.

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The goal is to assist producers and investors in selecting the most appropriate approach for their specific biochar projects.

“Carbon finance is fairly complex, and if you add the ever changing carbon accounting frameworks to this, it’s almost impossible to figure this thing out without being a full time carbon professional. This attempts to provide a calibrated level analysis of the various accounting methods for biochar, the upcoming rising star of the carbon dioxide removal market,” commented for Carbon Herald Olivier Levallois, Founding Director of Hamerkop Climate Impacts.

Further information and to access the manual, you can click here.

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