Halliburton Releases New Offering To Carbon Capture Portfolio – CorrosaLock™ Cement System

Halliburton Releases New Offering To Carbon Capture Portfolio - CorrosaLock™ Cement System - Carbon Herald

Halliburton – an oilfield service company, announced a new offering in its carbon capture utilization and storage portfolio. The company released CorrosaLock™ cement system – a new product, providing radial cement sheath to CO2 storage infrastructure. 

The new solution is tailored to provide chemical resistance to CO2 and fight corrosion of CO2 pipelines in water-present storage wells. The cement sheath has enhanced mechanical properties that minimize the impact of cyclic loading on the mechanical integrity of the cement barrier.

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In the presence of water in the storage wells, the CO2 produces carbonic acid that corrodes conventional cement, making it unable to withstand the pressures from cyclic loading. The CorrosaLock™ cement system minimizes the chemical reaction of CO2, delivering a barrier with significantly reduced permeability for superior corrosion resistance. 

The CorrosaLock™ cement is a composite of Portland-based cement and the Halliburton’s WellLock® resin system. A specified volume of cement and WellLock resin are blended to yield a system that provides stronger permeability reduction. The resin system creates a film on the composite system’s surface that forms a coating effect to help with bonding. 

In addition, it also creates small spheres that occupy the pore space within the composite system’s matrix. That reduces the system’s effective porosity and forms an adhesive layer to protect the cement grains from CO2 degradation.

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“Cementing wells for CCUS presents unique challenges… These projects aim for permanent underground CO2 storage, which requires long-term cement sheath integrity. The significant permeability reduction and enhanced mechanical properties of our CorrosaLock system address those challenges for our customers and builds on Halliburton’s decades of experience designing annular barriers for corrosive environments,” said Matt Lang, vice-president, Cementing at Halliburton for Oil Review Africa.

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