Growing Kelp For Permanent Carbon Sequestration – Live Event!

Growing Kelp For Permanent Carbon Sequestration – Live Event! - Carbon Herald

The next event from Open Air Collective’s “This is CDR” series will feature the CEO of Running Tide, Marty Odlin. He will share some interesting facts about how his company is employing technology and automated systems to grow and deploy kelp for permanent carbon sequestration in the deep ocean.

The event will be live on November 2nd, 2021, at 12pm ET. Click this link to register and join.

Marty Odlin is Founder and CEO of Running Tide, a Maine-based company seeking to harness, accelerate, and scale the most impactful restorative processes naturally at work in the ocean to build a climate positive future. It’s current focus is on utilisig shellfish and kelp for carbon sequestration. Marty studied robotics at Dartmouth, was a Director at Columbia’s Center for Sustainable Engineering, managed a fleet of five fishing boats, and his family has been in the offshore fishing business for generations.

The Open Air Collective – a network of volunteers who collaborate on shared projects that push Direct Air Carbon Capture forward in the real world – launched a series of webinars focused on carbon capture technology and carbon dioxide removal earlier in 2021 and has now had over ten guests from across the carbon capture, utilization and removal spectrum. Here is the previous episode which featured Kelly Erhart and Tom Green from Project Vesta, who talken about coastal carbon removal and gave us an update on their “carbon negative sand” project.

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