Greentown Labs Welcomes 24 New Climatetech Startups As Members In Q1 2024

Greentown Labs Welcomes 24 New Climatetech Startups As Members In Q1 2024 - Carbon Herald

Greentown Labs – a nonprofit catalyzing climate solutions through an incubator program, partnerships, and collaborations, announced new climatetech startups that joined its community in Q1 2024. 

The cleantech accelerator offers startups a community of entrepreneurs, space to innovate, and the tools they need to launch and succeed. It is also offering membership for startups to connect with entrepreneurs and accelerate together climate change solutions. The 24 new startups that were welcomed in the community work in the sectors of climate innovations from building materials to solar power and energy efficiency.

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  • Carbon Negative Solutions – a platform company using proprietary AI to develop and commercialize carbon negative concrete and concrete products. It’s participating in Year 2 of ACCEL.
  • Hub Controls’ – a developer and provider of an award-winning automated personal energy management system that intuitively saves users money while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. 
  • Puro Renewables – the startup produces plastic material called Oysterplast™ out of discarded oyster shells. The Oysterplast™ bioresins are used for the production of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PP, & PVC. After being discarded in landfills, those plastics degrade without leaving harm to the environment. According to Puro Renewables, they are a cost-efficient way to reduce reliance on fossil-fuels and emit 71% less CO2 than traditional fossil-fuel resins, making them a truly sustainable alternative. The startup is participating in Go Build 2023.
  • ZS2 Technologies – it creates magnesium-based advanced building products that can store up to one-fifth of their weight in CO2 via a proprietary carbon-capture technology. It’s part of the Go Build 2023 cohort.


    • Active Surfaces – it develops an ultra-lightweight, flexible solar technology for the built environment. The startup is participating in Go Build 2023, and previously was part of the ACCEL Year 1 cohort.
    • Arbor – it is a home-energy advisor that monitors renters’ and homeowners’ energy markets, getting customers the best electric rates in their areas and recommending relevant home-electrification upgrades.
    • Axis Sky Renewables – it uses a vertical-axis wind turbine without a tower to produce energy. The company’s revolutionary design of the turbines save costs, steel and thus emissions. According to the company, they are less expensive to produce, deploy, and maintain than traditional wind turbines. The startup is part of the second ACCEL cohort.
    • Smartpipe Technologies – it develops pipeline infrastructure replacing aging pipelines. They are high-pressure, reinforced-thermoplastic pipelines with a low carbon footprint, built-in leak detection, health monitoring, and intrusion monitoring. The company previously participated in Go Energize 2022, and is now rejoining the Greentown community.


      • Carbon Upcycling Technologies – a waste and carbon utilization company, that has developed a technology mixing industrial waste products with CO2 it captures. The technology can be used for the production of cement, plastics, consumer products, fertilizers, and even pharmaceuticals. The startup participated in Year 2 of the Carbon to Value Initiative and is now part of the Go Build 2023 cohort.
      • Cellsense – it utilizes algae and regenerated cellulose to develop bio-embellishments that replace sources of microplastic pollution in the design and beauty industries. The startup is part of ACCEL Year 2.
      • EcoForge – a building material technology company developing affordable, high-performance building materials from local agricultural residues, replacing energy-intensive, fossil-based materials. It’s part of the ACCEL Year 2 cohort.
      • Endeavor Composites – it intercepts landfill-destined post-industrial fibers and sustainably repurposes them into semi-finished goods for the composite industry. The startup was part of the Go Move 2022 cohort and is now back for a second Go program, Go Build 2023.
      • Hempitecture – it produces bio-based sustainable building materials, including a biobased insulation made from industrial hemp and natural fibers. The startup is participating in Go Build 2023.
      • ONEPREDICT – a digital-solution provider that offers predictive maintenance information with a combination of industrial AI and IoT technologies. Its digital-brain solution, GUARDIONE®, helps reduce downtime, increase facility resilience, and optimize decisions by diagnosing and predicting the status of key industrial assets.
      • Solidec – a company manufacturing chemicals via an electrolyzer platform that captures carbon and uses only air, water, and renewable electricity. It produces chemicals like hydrogen, peroxide and fuels at lower capital and energy costs.

      Resiliency + Adaptation 

        • AtmoSpark Technologies – an atmospheric-water-generation company with a patented electro-condensation technology, which has a lower energy footprint than that of current water-generation methods. The startup is participating in ACCEL Year 2.
        • Aquasaic – an ACCEL Year 2 startup, is harnessing biology to clean water for planetary and human health. 
        • Biosfera – it converts carbon dioxide into sustainable rubber.
        • BluBridge Energy Solutions – it removes CO2 and hydrogen sulfide from pre- and post-combustion gas streams, converting the compounds into inert minerals and significantly reducing the cost and effort associated with transporting and storing the byproducts.
        • Decimetrix – it specializes in providing sustainability and energy-efficiency solutions for the energy industry, using data-driven, cloud-based, and AI-powered platforms to help its clients measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprints.
        • Element Resources – it is a project-development company focused on the production of 100% green hydrogen. The startup participated in Greentown Go Energize 2022 and is now rejoining the Greentown community.
        • MicroAvionics – it is developing innovative levitation technology to enable flight in the mesosphere (50- to 100-kilometer altitudes), using sunlight to generate thrust and eliminating the need for onboard fuel or power.
        • Sankofa Dynamics – it creates low-cost, eco-friendly solutions for water, air, and energy problems. It’s part of the ACCEL Year 2 cohort.
        • Upstream Tech – it builds software that expands access to environmental data, including remote imagery, global water forecasts, and geospatial data. Upstream Tech is a former member that’s rejoining the Greentown community.

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